Open Studio
20 October, 2022
Open Studio
20 October, 2022

Un Hogar en la Diáspora

Like the tides, soil erosion or the melting of snow that happens in the mountains every spring, human displacements are one of the many natural phenomena that cyclically occurs and has been occurring on the planet for centuries. The reason that leads groups of people to leave their place of origin from the Paleolithic period to the present day has remained the same : to sustain life. However, a mysterious and unbreakable thread keeps us connected, wherever we are, to the place where we were born. And like Avtar Brah (1996) we ask: "When does a place of residence become 'home'?".

Based on the thoughts of Chicana writer Gloria Anzaldúa and her own biography, Nadia Yala Kisukidi (2020), French philosopher, says that to inhabit the diaspora is to inhabit a border between two territories that do not necessarily share their geopolitical boundaries: "Landscapes overlap and conjugate in the inner life of the individual. This is how life in the diaspora is territorialized".

During 2023, Felipamanuela will bring together a group of artists, writers, curators and researchers whose lives and work are traversed by migration, and proposes to think collectively about the paths that transform the place that we inhabits in home.

Alex Aguirre (Ecuador, 1973)

An Wei (España, 1990)

Edison Peñafiel (Ecuador, 1985) 

Guinho Nascimento (Brasil, 1989) 

Jessica Figueroa Neikoleo (Chile, 1982) 

Jeannette Tineo (República Dominicana, 1973)

Nouha Ben Yebdri (Marruecos, 1989)

Sandra Gamarra (Perú, 1972)

Valeria Montti Colque (Suecia, 1978)

Rocío Quillahuaman (Perú, 1994) 

Safia El Aaddam (España, 1995)

Youssef El Maimouni (Marruecos, 1981)



Date: 14, 15 y 16 de diciembre de 2023.

Place: FelipaManuela

Curator: Andrea Pacheco González

Curator De aquí project: Nouha Ben Yebdri

Production and coordination : Ana Lozano Sinausía y Jessica Figueroa Neikoleo

Assistant: Karim Khourrou


Information sheet here


Program financed with the support of the grants for independent spaces for contemporary creation 2022/2023 of the Madrid City Council.

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