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18 September, 2022
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27 April, 2023
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14 August, 2021
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8 November, 2019

Valeria Montti Colque

(Suecia, 1978)

April 2022

Is a visual artist, daughter of Chilean exiles in Sweden. Master in Fine Arts at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Her work incorporates materialities and elements of popular culture, aesthetics of the Andean cosmovision and the Chilean and Swedish landscape. Her recent solo exhibitions include the shows Himlajorden På Picknick, Konstväxlingar Stockholm, in collaboration with Celina Escher (2023); Apu Mamahöjden Ojitos de Sal, at Modern Museet Stockholm (2022); Gunnel & Anita BAS, in collaboration with Rossana Mercado-Rojas (2022); El bosque de nubes/ Los Pájaros del Horizonte at Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende in Santiago de Chile (2020), among others. She has worked on performative projects such as Santa Jokerita, Södertälje Konsthall; Horisontens Fåglar Norrabantorget, Konstmaraton, Stockholm; Molnskogen/Cloude Forest at Kunsthal 3.14 Bergen (2019); Molnskogen/ Cloude Forest in Ecologies of Darkness at SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin (2019).  More information about her work on her website.