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Sandra Gamarra Heshiki

(Perú, 1972)

April 2022

Sandra Gamarra Heshiki (Peru, 1972) lives and works between Lima and Madrid. She uses painting to question art and its representation mechanisms, exhibition, and commercialization. Based on appropriation, her work functions as a mirror that displaces exhibition formats alters the circuit of images, and subverts the ownership of culture, as well as the narrative between the art object and the viewer. Within this field of research, the legacy of her country of origin generates a syncretic gaze in which pre-Columbian, colonial, and Western cultures collide. In some of her recent exhibitions, she recontextualizes pictorial genres, such as landscape, self-portrait, or still life, to point out how these have contributed to a way of seeing the world that we consider natural today. In 2002, related to the vacuum of contemporary art institutions in Lima, she created LiMac, a fictitious museum that appears as a logo on merchandising.

She has participated in the 11th Berlin Biennial; the 29th São Paulo Biennial; the IILA Mundus Novus Pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennial and the 11th Cuenca Biennial. Her work can be found in the collections of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid; MACBA in Barcelona; Tate Modern in London, Hamburger Bahnhof-Museum für Gegenwart in Berlin; MoMA in New York; MALI in Lima or MAR in Rio de Janeiro, among others. Sandra Gamarra will represent Spain at the Venice Biennale 2024.