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Serubiri Moses

(Uganda, 1989)

June 2018

Writer and curator is part of the curatorial team in the 10th Berlin Biennale of Contemporary Art. Serubiri currently lives in New York, where he is undertaking the Bard College Master in Curatorial Studies (2018-2019). His interests include historical narration, archival practice, African feminist theory, indigeneity, iconography, contemporary art, exhibition history and institutional processes. Some of Serubiri’s recent research involves the book “Concerning Nuditude” with editorial assistance from Rebecca Rwakabukoza and the publishing of his research “La Vida del Plátano” (Calypso Editions), undertaken within the confines of the residence Lugar a Dudas in Cali, 2016. He has been co-curator of the project KLA ART 014 “UNMAPPED” Kampala Contemporary Art Festival, directed by Gaby Ngcobo. Serubiri was also the catalog's chief editor KLA ART 014 UNMAPPED and he organized the panel ‘Histories of Exhibition - Making in East Africa’. His more recent publications and conference talks include: Death and the Stone Age: Uganda Art Institutions (1941-1967) in How Institutions Think (LUMA Foundation and MIT Press, 2017); The Meaning of Contemporary African Art: Networks, Mobility and Production in Start Journal of Arts and Culture in East Africa; Women on the Move (1985-2015): A Comparative Study at the 2017 Para-Site International Conference in Hong Kong; Tableaux, in Recent Histories: Contemporary African Photography and Video Art (The Walther Collection and Steidl, 2017); A Black Man Reclining in a Palace Garden in FAVT: Future Africa: Visions in Time (Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies y Contact Zones NRB). He has published essays in Prospect 4: The Lotus In Spite of the Swamp (Prestel 2017) and in the catalogue of African Biennale of Photography: Telling Time. In 2015, he received a fellowship for the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies as an associate researcher in “African Art History and the Formation of Modern Aesthetic”, a research project with three modern African art collections in Weltkulturen Museum (Frankfurt) and the Makerere Art Gallery (Kampala).

Programme co-organised by FelipaManuela and the Artistic Residences Center of Matadero Madrid.

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