Curator in residence: Pilar Soler.

"Fantasy is a place where it rains," wrote Italo Calvino. El Archivo Invisible (The invisible file) is a project that allows a reflection on the concept of imagination. Composed of a series of ideas that want to be made, the archive proposes to move in reality and beyond its limits to search for profound ways of knowing about what is not yet, but can become.

Six artists from different disciplines present their sound sketches of a still non-existent work. A series of stories of the imagination, of creative processes that involve the viewer through listening in an intimate and subjective exercise.

Invited artists and link to the sound piece:

-Mercedes Azpilicueta (Argentina, 1981)

Lady Lilith: la otra mujer (2021)

-María Jerez (España, 1878)

Hay una superstición (2021)

-Elena Tejada-Herrera

Comida y sesión de dibujo (2021)

-Niño de Elche

Misterio (2021)

-Maya Watanabe

Cruzar un puente (2021)

-Claudia Pagès

Oficina de Arqueología Imaginaria (Imaginary Archeology Office)

Artists in residence: Asunción Molinos Gordo, Marta Fernández Calvo and Rubén H. Bermúdez.

Curator: Andrea Pacheco González.

According to the British archaeologist Colin Renfrew, archeology combines "the discovery of the treasures of the past, the meticulous work of the scientific analyst and the exercise of creative imagination." As a continuation of previous experiences, this new edition of the Office of Imaginary Archeology proposes an exercise in narrative speculation around the city of Madrid, its inhabitants, its emblematic spaces, its identity and cultural features.

Inspired by the Aymara aphorism Qhipnayra uñtasis sarnaqapxañani, translated by Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui as “Looking back and forth (to the future-past) we can walk in the present-future”, the Office proposes to think about time in a circular way. Use archeology as a tool to study the city from its remains and imagine new stories about a past that continues to be before us.


Felipa Manuela is a non-profit Cultural Association, benefited with the grants to independent spaces of contemporary creation of the City of Madrid in the 2017, 2018-2019 y 2020-2021 open calls.