Oficina de Arqueología Imaginaria
2 March, 2022
Oficina de Arqueología Imaginaria
2 March, 2022

Territorios en contacto

Territorios en Contacto
Un repaso por los últimos años de FelipaManuela

Curator in residence: Renata Cervetto.

This public program, organized in October 2021 by Renata Cervetto, presented some activities carried out by the residents of FelipaManuela from 2016, in order to share the results of long-term collective work in the city of Madrid. FelipaManuela is not just a residence for artists located in the Delicias neighborhood. The period of stay in the city allows invited artists, educators and curators to develop their research and generate ties that go beyond a specific period. Given the wide range of current residences, this public program invited us to reflect on the role of these spaces when it comes to generating exchange and knowledge.

The program was organized in three days, summoning different professionals who have passed through this space:

FelipaManuela interdisciplinary platform of residencies. Curatorial Research Program. Andrea Pacheco González, María Elena Ortíz, Pamela Desjardins and Ximena Gama. Link here.

Mediation research program and artistic education. Daniel Sepúlveda, Aisel Wicab and Dayana Rivera. Link here.

Planta Alta, CAR and FelipaManuela: three residence models in Madrid. Flavia Introzzi, Amelie Aranguren, Andrea Pacheco González. Link here.

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