2 March, 2022
11 March, 2022

Sombras ocultas

Sombras Ocultas en el tiempo
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Published by FelipaManuela Ediciones (Madrid, Spain) and Archive books (Berlin, Germany), 'Sombras Ocultas en el tiempo' brings together a series of texts, chronicles, theoretical and visual essays around the idea of imaginary archeology and radical imagination, universes poetic-conceptual that have structured the work of those who participate in this book. The publication offers a meeting space between diverse knowledge, practices, aesthetics and languages that provide a critical look at history, identity narratives and the relevance of imagination in the collective construction of alternatives for life in the face of the decline of the Western project.

Shadows hidden in time includes texts by Tâm Liêu Âm (Mexico, 1989), Renata Cervetto (Argentina, 1985), Andrea Pacheco González (Chile, 1970), Pilar Soler (Spain, 1980), Lorenzo Sandoval (Spain, 1980), Siegfried Zielinskyi (Germany, 1951) and visual essays by artists Nora Al Badri (Germany-Iraq, 1984), Marta Fernández Calvo (Spain, 1978), Rubén H. Bermúdez (Spain, 1981), Asunción Molinos Gordo (Spain , 1979), Gabriel Rosell Santillán (Mexico, 1976), Gad Yola/Angelo Vivar (Peru, 1985), King Rolla (Peru, 1997) and Sergio Zevallos (Peru, 1962). Coming from different territories, these authors offer a constellation of reflections that seek to interrupt historical narratives and promote speculative horizons.

Available at Traficantes de Sueños bookstore, Madrid, Spain and its network of associated bookstores throughout the peninsula. If you want a copy you can also write to us here:

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