11 March, 2022
Mediación Desplazada
18 May, 2022


At the international scene, there are more and more countries in which the role of cultural institutions in the representation of racial ethnic diversity is being investigated, their responsibility in the reproduction of racial inequality and the formulas to implement mechanisms of justice, equity and inclusion in this field. However, in the Spanish case, in general, and in Madrid, in particular, there are no in-depth studies on this subject. This research aims to fill that gap in relation to the cultural institutions of the Community of Madrid; know the composition of their management teams, their governance systems, their policies for the acquisition of works, the formation of collections, their curatorial lines and, in general, their stories and narratives around this matter.

This research have developed by researchers José Ariza y Yeison García, within the framework of the research residency program of the FelipaManuela platform. The objective of this work is to favor the development of inclusion policies of an intersectional nature in tune with the dialogues that are opening both in countries in the European environment and in the United States and Latin America.

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