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Andrea Carrión (1994) Montserrat Carrión (2000)

March - April 2020

Andrea and Monserrat Carrión, two Chilean sisters and artists, graduates in Visual Arts and Professional Photography respectively, are an young artistic group of research, creation, and dissemination. They decided to unite when they understood that the ideas of each one, related to each other, were more profound and integrated, collecting experiences that have allowed them to better understand the different contexts in which they have been involved. As sisters, they have always worked from constructive criticism and the affective value as the epicenter of their work.

One of their main topics of interest is the territory. To address it, they have established creative strategies and collaborations, generating dialogues and reflections on the contribution that can be made from the field of art to a territory and the community that inhabits it. Their work involves exploring the city, inhabiting its spaces, establishing creative laboratories in each place where they arrive. They are also interested in moving their artistic practice to unconventional contexts such as the privacy of a house or a specific neighborhood.

Newly arrived in Madrid, their experience was affected by the Covid health crisis of 2020. The residence became mandatory lockdown that led them to spend more than two months locked up in FelipaManuela. During this period, in the midst of enormous uncertainty, they made a series of photographic pieces using the only materials and images available to them, through the technique of cyanotype. The result was a beautiful textile publication transformed into the MUDAN-ZA fanzine.

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