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Claudel Doucet and Cooper Lee Smith

(Canadá, 1986) and (United States, 1995)

October 2019

Claudel Doucet (Canadá, 1986) and Cooper Lee Smith (United States, 1995) are the co-creator and performers of Prenderse (Se prendre), an apartment spectacle that take us through the meandrous and the intimacy of acrobatic itself. We will follow them room by room, in pain and tenderness, from curiosity to the stunning presence. More info here.

Claudel collaborates as scene director with the National Circus School of Montreal and as part of the core of a few other projects such as Zip Zap Academy (Cape Town) y Uniarts (Stockholm). In 2017 she creates Que Nous Soyons, a project co-produced with Les 7 doigts de la main and La Serre-Arts Vivants. Cooper Lee Smith, originally from Minneapolis, belongs to the 2018 promotion of the National Circus School of Montreal, he is the composer of the original music of Se Prendre and regularly collaborates with Cirque Éloize and Cirque du Soleil.

More information about Claudel Doucet here.

More information about Cooper Lee Smith here.

Program organizated in collaboration with Teatro Circo Price: