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Paula Urbano

(Sweden, 1980)

October - November 2021

Paula Urbano born and based in Stockholm. Holds an MFA in Fine Arts from Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts & Design, a postgraduate degree in Architecture from the Royal Institute of Art and she was a grant holder of Research and development project at the Royal Institute of Art 2015-2017. Urbano’s artistic practice is multidisciplinary including audiovisual mediums, installations, sculpture and concrete poetry. Her work revolves around existential issues regarding identity in relation to migration and place.

Parallell with her own artistic investigation she has worked as an Art Educator as freelance creating her pedagogical projects based on her own artistic practice but also in museum institutions such as Moderna Museet and National Museum. At the National Museum she worked during 2018-2021 in a pedagogical project that the museum ran in collaboration with the organisation Artikel 31. The goal of the project was to work with creative artistic work to find and create tools to strengthen the vocabulary and word comprehension of the children participants in the age of 4 and 8. And to make the children feel at home in the inner city and in the cultural heritage of Sweden despite living in a segregated suburb south of Stockholm. Statistics show that children living in the suburbs seldom visit the inner city. Me and 3 other colleagues who were artists and pedagogues created the methods and implementation of the goals into a cycle of one year during 3 School years. Paula Urbano is holder of one of the few grants for Art Educators The Bror Hjorth Associations scholarship for Art Educators 2021.

Urbano has exhibited her work in museums and galleries in Sweden, New York, Buenos Aires, Miami, and Santiago de Chile. Her work is represented at Museum Anna Nordlander, Filmform, Botkyrka Kommun, Folkets Hus och Parker among others. During the residency at FelipaManuela, Urbano intends to start research for a project called “El peso de la lengua” “The weight of the tongue” investigating language as a tool of control but also of liberation.

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