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Nouha Ben Yebdri

(Marruecos, 1989)

September 2023

Nouha Ben Yebdri is an independent curator, founder and director of MAHAL.

Her curatorial practice focuses on the reflection and conception of projects around issues related to the development of art spaces, institutionalization procedures, mediation/outreach protocols, and the impact that these spaces have on their environment; as well as the study of contextual factors that influence the conception of the terms and dynamics that unfold through these processes and places. These efforts are conveyed and put into practice through the programming of the independent space Mahal (or also known as Mahal Art Space) and Silent Pedagogies - بيداغوجيات صامتة , a program that questions the curricula of artistic training in Morocco and analyzes the relationship of art spaces with the different audiences it hosts and works with.

Some of the projects she has curated through these two programs include: the Méta Skholé Libre workshops (with Jean-Paul Thibeau); the group exhibitions Iconographies de la rue (with Think Tanger), Tangier: Facets of a Mediterranean Intersection (with Robin Vermeulen), and What Dies Last, an online and in-person show; Maared/ Aarada - معرض/عراضة, an exhibition and public program (with Mouhawalat collective); undercurrents, an independent training and learning platform, together with LE18, Derb El Ferran and Fondation Dar Bellarj, both based in Marrakech.

From 2015 to 2020, Nouha Ben Yebdri has been an active member of MADRASSA, a collective of curators and researchers, whose practice conceives the organization of exhibitions as a research and critical endeavor, experimenting collective practices and cross-border collaborations as a method of resistance and confrontation to the difficulties involved in artistic creation in the regions of origin of its members (Lebanon, Palestine, Cameroon, Egypt and Morocco).