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Gema Rupérez

(Spain, 1982)

April 2018

Graduated in Fine Arts from Facultad de San Carlos (Valencia), she completed her training in Urbino (Italy) and in workshops by artists such as Chema Madoz, Jannis Kounellis, Rogelio López Cuenca and Cristina Lucas. She obtains her DEA with the project “Materiales plásticos en la escultura contemporánea. La seducción de la transparencia” (Plastic materials in contemporary sculpture. The seduction of transparency). Gema Rupérez’s work revolves around the longing for survival. The confrontation and struggle for hegemonic power is a constant theme in her latest projects. Instability, vulnerability and frustration are also part of the emotional content of her work. Different formats such as installation, photography, video or drawing allow her to reflect on the power or inability to communicate and, ultimately, on the dystopias of contemporary society. Her work aspires to be a lyrical distortion of reality.

More information about Gema Rupérez’s projects here.

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