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24 May, 2021
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30 May, 2021
Gema Rupérez
23 March, 2018
16 May, 2019

Gad Yola

(Perú, 1995)

June 2021

Drag artist, migrant living in Madrid, who articulates her creation from a queer anti-racist perspective. Her debut was with the collective Dont Hit La Negra (2019-2020). She is part of La Casa Drag Latina, a collective of migrant drags that, since 2019, claim their place in the artistic scenes of the Spanish context. She has been an instructor of the Drag queen / Drag king workshop together with the Ayllu Collective in Matadero (2019); she was part of the public program Pensar con las entrañas, held at the Matadero Madrid Art Residency Center (2019). She has been a speaker at digital festivals coordinated from Lima, such as Cabritas resistiendo and Pussy pussy orgullo. In Madrid, she has also participated in the Usergender microfestival, GALAXXIA project (2020).

The piece that will be created during the residency explores, from the drag queen / king technique, memory, family ties, imaginaries and fantasies that migrants and racialized people create in the West as a form of resistance. Along with Gad Yola, Nativa La Reina Mexicana, Brenda Lucía B.C and Noelia Quino also participate.

More information about Gad Yola Projects in La Casa Encendida, El País, Gorila Rojo.

Program financed by grants to independent spaces of contemporary creation 2020-2021 of the Madrid City Council.