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9 February, 2019
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19 March, 2019
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13 April, 2012
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9 February, 2019


(Colombia, 2010)

February 2019

Office of art projects based in Bogota, Colombia. They promotes the research and art + education process; they stimulates the debate about artistic and instituent practices, experimenting with different strategies and work methodologies to propose mediation formats, public programs in collaboration, auto-edit exercises and alternative ways of doing with others. Through its own research and open program Escuela de Garaje, Laagencia bet by giving visibility to a large number of local initiatives, national and international, whose interests are occupied in different formats in the production of knowledge and its circulation channels. There are five artists in the project, without any kind of hierarchy, all are directors, producers, and participants.

DIEGO GARCÍA MARTÍNEZ (1987). Master of Arts with an emphasis on cultural projects in Universidad de los Andes. He is currently working in Machete Studio, company dedicated to publishing and graphics related processes. He has co-edited the books Escuela de Garaje: Fábrica de Conocimiento and Volumen Intemperie. Recently he has participated in group exhibitions in Centre Pompidou, in the Bienal Cosmopolis, Paris y SEMA and the exhibition Working for the Future Past, Seul.

MARIANA MURCIA (1988). She finished the program of Art in Universidad de los Andes. For one year she completed an exchange program in School of Art and Communication of the University of São Paulo. In addition to Laagencia, she is part of Carne, a touring gallery directed by artists and Lagentedelcomún, a collective multimedia development for environmental, social, cultural or public projects. More information here.

SANTIAGO PINYOL (1982). Master's degree in art, research and creativity of the Complutense University of Madrid. He also be part of Poderes Unidos art collective; Archivo de creadores de Madrid and Carne. More information here.

MÓNICA ZAMUDIO (1984). Artist of the Universidad de los Andes. Exchange program for one year in the School of Art and Communication of the University of São Paulo. Her work involves the abstraction of words, signs and images. Besides, she is part of collectives Real Universal and Materia.

SEBASTIÁN CRUZ (1984). Freelance photographer. He has special interest in initiatives and collective practices, became part of the Invisible collective and magazine (2007-2010) editing the magazine and producing performance festivals. He cofounded the residence programme Residencia en la Tierra (2008-2013), he co-curated the XIV Salón Regional de Artistas, zona centro occidente. He is also part of the collective Real Universal and Ambiente Familiar.

More information about Laagencia here.

This program has been co-organized by FelipaManuela and Escuela Perturbable - MNCARS.