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5 June, 2023

Fabián Villegas Pozos

(México, 1985)

October 2023

Writer, journalist, Spoken Word artist, and independent curator. His body of work interrelates racialized epistemologies, Global South studies, and anticolonial thought. Since 2007 to date, Fabián Villegas has been invited to give multiple conferences, seminars, conferences and workshops at various universities and academic centers, recognized art biennials and community cultural centers around the world (Mexico, France, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Spain, Guatemala, USA, United Kingdom, Nigeria etc. 

He is co-founder of Contranarrativas, a horizontal and collaborative global project for decentralized knowledge production, cultural management and free communication committed to visibility, dissemination and production of racialized epistemologies, narratives, and anticolonial aesthetics from the experience of the Global South.

Founder of “Public Classroom”, a Counternarrative pedagogical space that seeks to decentralize the production of knowledge through seminars, workshops, conferences, webseminars, on Global South studies, anti-racist perspective, anti-colonial studies, which has brought together around 1,500 participants from 43 countries in America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Author of the books "En Blanco y Prieto, Itinerario geopolítico de la decolonialidad", 2014, “Mascarada, corpo-políticas y lenguajes de madera” 2015, and “Rumores” 2021. Born in Mexico City, Villegas currently resides in the Dominican Republic.

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In addition to its own programmes, FelipaManuela collaborates with residency programmes with other spaces and institutions in Madrid. In this framework, and in collaboration with Espacio Afro, FelipaManuela is hosting Fabián Villegas in residence for the seminar 'Ecosistemas Culturales' of Festival Espacio Afro.