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27 April, 2014
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21 March, 2018

Alex Aguirre Sánchez

(Ecuador, 1973)

September - October 2023

Alex Aguirre Sánchez, transfeminist and anti-racist therapist. I come from the mountains of Ecuador. I work in humanistic therapy with the body, the breath and its movement at the centre. I research and make artistic creations through printmaking, as a way to expand the soul and the imagination. Master in Immigration at the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid. Therapist in Humanistic Gestalt Psychology. Accompaniment in Community Health of gender identities and sexual orientation. Co-founder of Colectivo Migrantes Transgresorxs in Madrid (2009) and Colectivo Ayllu (2018) with racialised/migrant population, sexual and gender dissidences de-constructing and constructing discourses through art and culture. Currently, as MgT we are working on a socio-cultural project with the Fondo de Mujeres Calala and I have been part of projects in Matadero Madrid and in the Museo Santa Monica in Barcelona. I have also participated with my collective in exhibitions at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (CAC) Ecuador, Biennal de Sydney, Biennal de la India and Galerias Municipais de Lisboa.