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Duen sacchi

(Aguaray, Argentina)

October 2019

Artists, researcher, writer, trans (Guaxu) and migrant based in Barcelona. His work stresses the relationships between writing, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and their different ways of reproduction through an anti-colonial, anti-racist and anti-patriarchy perspective from non-cis-normative critical spaces of afro-indigenous and mestizo diaspora. He constantly inquires on the ancestral legacy of his own non-origin formal artistic practices. He has studied in the Programa de Estudios Independientes del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona (PEI-MACBA) in Barcelona and posses a Máster en Estudios Museísticos y Teoría Crítica from la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. He directed Degenerad * s políticas radicales del arte y el pensamiento transfeminista anti colonial a program based in the city of Bilbao during 2014-2017, he has also worked as an advisor at the PEI- MACBA in Barcelona in 2018, and as a Professor at P.O.P.S. Matadero Madrid during 2019. He has collaborated with publications such as El Estado Mental in Revista Pikara, Soy Suplemento. His most recent published book is Ficciones Patógenas done with Ediciones Brumaria in 2018. He has received the Eremuak Creation Grant in 2018. He has also developed actions, residencies and presentations of his work at La Virreina in Barcelona, La Tabakalera in Donostia, Matadero (Madrid), MACBA (Barcelona), La Ene in Buenos Aires, and many others. He’s part of Equipo Sacchi - De Santo, which has received grants such as Beca del Fondo Nacional de las Artes (2017), Beca Iberescena (2017), Nau L'Estruch (Sabadell), Matadero (Madrid) and Hangar (Barcelona). As part of this team, they’re working on the development of a radio-archive project called TRAUMA, that goes about trans migrations with Consonni, Bilbao and La Virreina, Barcelona. He’s also part of Ira Sudaka: MUSAC (Castilla y León), Colectiva Lohana Berkins, La Nocturna (anti-racist contra-academic collective) and the coordination team of the anti-racist state encounter in Barcelona. 

More information about some projects of Duen Sacchi here.

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Program funded with the grants for independent spaces of contemporary creation 2018-2019 of the Madrid City Council.

With the collaboration of Montana

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