Renata Cervetto
30 May, 2021
Rafael Pérez Evans
13 June, 2018

Rehaf Al Batniji

(Palestina, 1990)


December 2021 - February 2022

Rehaf Al Batniji is a self-taught photographer based in Gaza City, Palestine. Her work is traversed by the Israeli-Palestinian social and military conflict. Using parks, squares, sidewalks, beaches and other public spaces, the artist has been offering an intimate and personal portrait of this city. Batniji has witnessed four major conflicts. In 2008, during the first, she documented her life with a cellphone. While a second massive conflict peaked in 2012, she captured scenes through the window of her studio with a digital camera, in 2014, she documented the war during occasional cease-fires, she recorded daily life again in her closest environment.

Her photographs have appeared in different magazines and digital media and she currently works for the Nawa Association for Culture and the Arts where she is responsible for photographic and video documentation. She also provides training to adolescents learning photography.

Batniji wants to establish a photography school for talented and passionate aspiring photographers - an outlet for students to freely express themselves in a region experiencing perpetual political, social and cultural decline.