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5 June, 2023
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3 July, 2023
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23 March, 2018
Amanda de la Garza
27 April, 2014

An Wei Lu Li

(Madrid, 1990)

July 2023

His work has been seen in recent years in institutional projects such as Mudar Costumbre, Ca2m, Móstoles, 2021; Templo, Circuitos de las artes plásticas, Madrid, 2020; Yupi, Sala de Arte Joven,
Madrid, 2022 as well as other projects in galleries as Todas las partes blandas se perderán, Berlín, Sevilla 2022; Vis a vis, Pas une orange, Barcelona 2021 or Studioredivivo, Exdogana, Roma, 2019.
An Wei develops his artistic activity through painting but assimilated as a way, not as a purpose.

He understands painting as something that expands in space beyond the limits of the canvas. Within this expansion he includes the viewer as one more element, making him a participant or rather, an accomplice in the scene he is observing. What interests him most is generating immersive environments and experiences with his pictorial installations. The concept from which his work is articulated is to form personal identity through the reconstruction of certain memories under a principle of fragmentation. In this partial reconstruction, the visitor can construe and, therefore, complete these memories, integrating them into their subjectivity.