FelipaManuela is an independent platform based in Madrid, whose mission is to promote research in contemporary art and culture through residencies for foreign professionals, dissemination activities and publications. In collaboration with Madrid’s museums, art centres and academic institutions, diverse agents (curators, artists, writers, educators) are invited to participate in residency programmes, which are organised according to their very research. Simultaneously, FelipaManuela works as a professional exchange core, whose aim is to promote internationalization of the local art ecosystem and bringing forth collaboration networks between foreign professionals and Madrid residents.

Through different extension devices (conferences, public presentations, meetings with professionals and institutions, studio visits and other presentations with local artists), residents participate in a programme of visits and activities organized according to their interests.

Susana Gaudêncio (Portugal, 1977). El sentido del espacio y del tiempo a través del dibujo (The sense of space and time through drawing). «3 en el 3º» - Jugada a 3 bandas. April, 2012.

Each residency activates a different set of activities, some of which are:

- Visits and meetings with diverse agents in the city of Madrid (artists, curators, researchers and other local professionals) related to the line of work or study of each resident.

- Assistance in research, formats and support.

- Public activities, conferences, presentations and workshops in the city’s institutions.

- Direct access to specialized libraries and documentation centres.

- Dissemination of the research through digital platforms and publications associated with the residency.

FelipaManuela is a space for contemporary creation that takes place in a flat located in the Paseo de las Delicias, Madrid. Annually, we publish a book collecting reflections of all those who have participated in the research programmes.

María Elena Ortiz (Puerto Rico, 1984) and Diane Lima (Brazil, 1986). Meeting with Rubén H. Bermúdez and Manuela Villa in Matadero Madrid. November 2018

T-squad project by Iki Yos Piña (Venezuela), Ani Ganzala (Brazil, 1988), Fátima Guariota (Venezuela, 1985), Nayare Montes (Spain, 1996) and Duen Sacchi (Aguaray, Argentina). Art & Education Research Residency, October 2019.

Mônica Hoff (Brazil, 1979) and Amanda de la Garza (Mexico, 1981) Visit to the Salon, an exhibition space in the home of the artists Angela Cuadra and Daisuke Kato. June 2017


Felipa Manuela is a non-profit Cultural Association, benefited with the grants to independent spaces of contemporary creation of the City of Madrid in the 2017, 2018-2019 y 2020-2021 open calls.